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  1. Buy any pair of My Friend-My Dog Socks or My Friend-My Cat Socks and get any pair in this category free.
  2. One free pair of socks per purchase order.
  3. Discount taken off at checkout.
  4. When you receive your socks, please post a photo of your socks on and your furry or purry friend on our Facebook page.

Note: BOGO Sale Ends July 31, 2018 or Until Free Socks Last.

About Us

About Us

The Faithy Zone, which is the registered trademark of Faithy Favor, LLC was envisioned by Denise Fisher, its founder and owner. For years Denise had a dream of creating Christ-focused and inspirational merchandise that would portray positive and faith-filled proclamations. She stepped out in faith to bring The Faithy Zone into fruition.



Our mission is to offer faith-focused and/or inspirational proclamations on various products to uplift, inspire and encourage. On our merchandise, we highlight the messages of love, praise, faith, victory, and the special kinship we have with our pets, which are rooted in the love shown to us by Jesus Christ. Our awesome inspirational products include T-shirts, hats/caps, socks, bracelets, coffee mugs, note pads and sticky note cubes.


Our Goal

One of the goals of The Faithy Zone is to give to grow and grow to give. Therefore, at least 10% of our sales goes to support organizations such as the American Red Cross, World- Vision, Second Harvest Food Bank, The Salvation Army, as well as local homeless shelters, animal advocacy groups, and other charities as the Lord leads us.


We Love Our Pets!

We at The Faithy Zone love our pets! That's why we were inspired to design high quality, made in the USA, non-breed specific socks for all dog and cat owners and supporters to enjoy. Our socks were also created with Proverbs 12:10 in mind: "Good people are good to their animals..." (MSG).

In addition, a percentage of all retail sales for My Friend-My Dog socks goes to help support Break The Chain Kennel Kru (BTCKK), a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Guilford County, N.C. that assists chained dogs & their families in underserved communities of Guilford County. 


We Have Partnered With...

The Faithy Zone is blessed to have been a partner with a number of wonderful organizations, gift shops, and book stores over the years. Two of which were Lakewood Church Bookstore and The Potter's House, where we provided some of our high quality inspirational merchandise to their ministries. 

The Faithy Zone was also associated with The Christian Retailers Association.